Technical Support

(I)Pre-sale service

(1) Provide technical consultations for users according to user requirements, including consultation on performance indicators of super absorbent resin; consultation on product testing methods, consultation on product use formula, and consultation on other raw materials.

(2) The company will help customers analyze existing products and provide opinions free of charge in accordance with the principle of being responsible to customers.

(II)Sale service

(1) Work closely with customers and insist on helping customers produce qualified and satisfactory products.

(2) Maintain regular contact with users and visit the site to provide technical services.

(3) The company is responsible for the principle of customer responsibility. If the customer needs it, it will train the use method and testing method of the product.

(III)After sales service

(1) The company provides after-sales service consultation, including product problem service and product use problem service.

(2) Product use plan update: After the product upgrade of the company, the product use formula will be upgraded accordingly, and the best use plan will be recommended to the customer.





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